Latest Phone Number Comments

  • Called 3/5/15, said nothing, I immediately called back, went to a recording saying the number has been disconnected our is no longer in service...
    by Shannon Russell - 6 hour ago
  • Pure B.S. Just hang up. Maybe call back and tie their lines up.
    by Randy Robinson - 1 day ago
  • CL Scammer on cars posted on CL
    by Daves - 1 day ago
  • Very annoying and continued nuisance calls fro this number - keep calling / never leaft messages
    by Pre - 1 day ago
  • The owner is Scott Jeannont and wanted by the police in North Buffalo NY
    by GoodGuy - 2 day ago
  • This is a SPAM number that calls me a million times a day saying, "Thank you for choosing westjet". Then I hang up.
    by Rumen - 2 day ago
  • Another "not too bright" scamming call center. Please fuck off very much
    by scammers - 2 day ago
  • Someone sending text messages "hi". Unknown caller. Do not respond.
    by Lee - 2 day ago
  • this number called me and when i answered it was quiet for few minuted then hung up
    by anonymous person - 3 day ago
  • called twice when called back denied calling??????
    by Er - 3 day ago
  • Texted me at 8am then woke me up a few minutes later with a phone call claiming that someone I know had been badly injured in a car accident at a gas station in NYC. Didn't let him get very far with his poor English before I cut him off. Total scam.
    by KC - 3 day ago
  • not a valid phone number
    by anonymous - 3 day ago
  • This number belongs to a scam artist. Trying to "sell" pets to people. Don't get fooled!!
    by Kevin Ruddle - 4 day ago
  • Irvine location ~ Burner phone ~ As of 2-2-15 ~ currently active
    by Burner Phone - 4 day ago
  • Extortion scam - will actually call and make up a story about your relative claiming that they are being held and demand you send them money.
    by Felix Zeydelis - 4 day ago
  • I'm getting multiple calls a day from this number , what / who is it. No one talks , just hear voices in another language
    by Sam - 5 day ago
  • Trying to buy wheels and tires from my ad on Craigslist but couldn't come look at them because he was out of town working for UNICEF helping kids with malaria. Said he'd pay with PayPal. From the way he talked, I don't think he even read the ad, actually.
    by Joe - 5 day ago
  • A man called me from that number claiming I have been approved for a loan that I applied for online. When I began asking questions about the company, the website and who applied for the loan the man got upset. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said he was the supervisor. He then began to cuss me out and even threatened to harm me. Beware!
    by anonymous - 5 day ago
  • this is a scam! They act like they are with Con Ed and they going to say you qualify for a discount on your bill but it is really to get all your information and use it against you! Again this is a scam do not give any personal information to them!
    by Raymond Henry - 6 day ago
  • This number contacts students while in school and uses explicit language.
    by Annonymous - 6 day ago