Latest Phone Number Comments

  • I also received a call from this number, this evening. When I answered the phone, the caller simply said, "Hello", then hung up the phone.
    by san - 23 day ago
  • Received 4 calls today on my cell with no messages. I do not give out my cell number as it is not my primary phone.
    by John - 23 day ago
  • Received a call from 1-404-448-1873.
    by Dou - 25 day ago
  • Just got a call from that number and I'm in the 707 area also.
    by Een - 25 day ago
  • Keeps calling loud music and or calls and then hangs up.
    by Becc - 26 day ago
  • Sending me fraudulent websites through texts.
    by Kali - 26 day ago
  • What to identify the party who is x calling from 404-369-2100.
    by Kay - 26 day ago
  • Continued- Afni, Ehanced Recovery Company, United Recovery Systems and many more that were once legitimate collection agencies now turned into criminal scam enterprizes!
    by Past - 26 day ago
  • Daily calls block it and get a another call from Pittsburg, ca fron another 925-439- xxxx number.
    by anonymous - 27 day ago
  • Called received 1/2/15. I didn't answer because I did not recognize number. They left no message.
    by anonymous - 27 day ago
  • Got a text to call 404-341-9548, won't do it last time i received something like that i had prepaid services & it took all the money from my account.
    by anonymous - 6 day ago
  • I recived a call St 2h07 un thé night. Its was an enregisted message with my complète name et my adress. They Saïd that they gonna kill me. After a had a bolcked call andthey didnt talk...juste breading. At 2h22 thé same night..another call from 514-861-3476...this bumber is bot asign. I will call thé police tomorrow
    by anonymous - 6 day ago
  • No message left - they call all the time, it's Christmas morning and they just called again. If you don't answere immediately, they hang up. Looked it up on, supposedly it's a landline number from Hampton, NH.
    by anonymous - 6 day ago
  • "Pete" from CIS...lots of background noise no message other than name and number.
    by anonymous - 6 day ago
  • this number send to me a message. It said my phone number. I want to know is this a bug?
    by anonymous - 7 day ago
  • This is a total scam spam call. Never answer your phone when you don't recognize the number on the ID of the phone, or if they don't leave a voicemail. Some posts made on other websites said this is people trying to steal your ID info by saying that you can get lower credit card rates or deals to bail you out of debt. NEVER TALK TO THESE PEOPLE, NEVER ANSWER THE CALL, NEVER PICK UP YOUR PHONE. You can't knock these out of your phone list, either, plus the number itself if you call it will say it is not connected or working, according to other posts by other people. Wise up already!! NEVER ANSWER YOUR PHONE IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO IT IS.
    by anonymous - 7 day ago
  • i get a similar call today from this number and someone told me on a voicemail that i would get in a big legal mess if i did not contact the treasury office or the irs. This is definitely a scam.
    by anonymous - 7 day ago